Viasys VDC provides efficient software to unleash the full potential of Virtual Design and Construction. We deliver model-based software and related services for construction projects.

Viasys VDC enables significant productivity increase in infrastructure projects. Increased productivity is accomplished by better communication and better coordination. With Viasys VDC software you can make digital prototypes of infrastructure projects that enable to communicate design intent to all stakeholders and thus better decisions are made. It is possible to find conflicts and problems earlier in the design or even planning phase and this has a huge financial impact.

Our solutions provides value for several dimensions of VDC:
Model – Simulate – Collaborate


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Past Events

TRB Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC, January 2014 
See Viasys VDC Presentation: 
Three-Dimensional Engineered Model Use Involving Viasys Projects

7th International Visualization in Transportation Symposium, Irvine CA, October 2013 
See Viasys VDC Presentation: 

FloridaDOT Design Expo, Orlando FL, October 2013 
See Viasys VDC Presentation: 
Cost Savings by Using Advanced VDC Tools and Processes, Case Studies from Europe

TRB Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC, January 2013
See Viasys VDC Presentation: 
VDC – CIM Case Studies from Europe using Viasys VDC Solution

Autodesk University, Las Vegas NV, November 2012
See Viasys VDC Presentation:
Applied VDC and VR Models, Methods, and Processes for Civil Infrastructure Projects